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Security Orchestration Enrichment and Correlation Platform (ASOC)

Boost your efficiency and empower your team with Dracon.

Our cutting-edge ASOC platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, driving results from multiple sources directly to your preferred visualization solutions. With Dracon, say goodbye to duplicates and unnecessary searching on how to fix an issue - we'll enrich and streamline your data, enabling developers to identify and resolve potential security vulnerabilities with ease. With Dracon, you're not just saving time, you're optimizing your entire security process."

Dracon ASOC, can help you:


Consolidate Your Security Tools

Seamlessly aggregate results from all your existing security tools into one comprehensive view.


Customize Your Visualization

Drive aggregated results to your preferred visualization or defect management solution for enhanced decision-making.


Simplify Security Scanning

Create tailored security scanning pipelines for each of your components or teams with ease.


Empower Your Development Teams

Give your teams the flexibility to choose the analysis tools that best suit their needs, fostering creativity and efficiency.


Supported Tools


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Our core value

Our mission is to improve the efficiency of security teams by providing them with automation and orchestration they need. We strive to bring security in the hands of developers by supplying accurate and relevant information for easy vulnerability remediation.

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